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Since its inception in 2012, Elimtek has worked tirelessly to develop and manufacture skincare equipment based on R&D of medical equipment, providing more stable and effective regeneration treatment for people.

We are committed to developing personal skin care devices that our customers have different skin types and ages but use easily.

First :




Second :

Third :

We will make products of best quality.
We will focus on investments for R&D. 
We will try to gather much experienced development engineers to provide best quality and service for customers. 


We will make safe products.
We know safety is most important as a medical device manufacturer.
Therefore, we will try to secure the safety of products for patients and medical staffs.


We will pursue innovation.
We will seek innovation all the time in the field of technology and business.

Internally, we are trying to make a company that employees want to work together and feel satisfaction through work life.
We ask your encouragement and keep an eye on our progress.

Thank you.

Elimtek Co.,Ltd.

CEO Joseph Lee